TYPO3 Higher Education Package: Comprehensive Websites - Quick, Easy and Affordable

Higher educational websites require a complex architecture and need to handle numerous tasks. Challenges include: handling governance at an operational level, displaying a wide range of both content and documents, as well being an advertising platform to prospective students and business partners.

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package is specifically designed to meet these demanding requirements. The package is based upon Europe’s leading Enterprise Content Management System - TYPO3 - for building complex web applications within the field of higher education and contains all of the essential elements:

University-specific features, preconfigured settings and a unique five-year guarantee that consists of updates, a service hotline and guaranteeing further development. Combined in a sector solution to increase options and reduce the effort involved - at the same time saving project and development costs. The package maintains the operative independence of universities and colleges at all times with regards to both design and the flexibility of functions.

This convenient “All-included carefree package” provides a strong base for a fully featured, secure, accessible, modern, and always up-to-date higher education website - easy to handle, cost-efficient, on short notice.

  • quick and easy implementing

  • features that higher educational institutions need

  • updatable, customizable and extendable

  • multi-language in both frontend and backend

  • professional support for at least five years

  • easy maintenance

  • regular security updates

  • quick implementation of entire projects

  • complete freedom in the structural and visual display

  • easy to handle without programming knowledge

  • all of TYPO3’s advantages

  • simple maintenance and handling

  • completely individual design and further development
    (design and menu navigation are expandable)

  • technical support by any TYPO3 service provider or in-house

  • no contractual constraints

  • participation in decision-making of further development

  • low installation and running costs

  • significantly reduced project and development time

  • based on open source, no fees for CMS or licences

  • low total cost of ownership

  • secured website life span

  • low costs for training and maintenance

Participate in forming the product

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package is further developed by the Higher Education Package Team. On the one hand, new features are implemented (e.g. Shibboleth login, interfaces between other systems). On the other hand, existing features are maintained, meaning they’re adopted to new versions of the TYPO3 core and extensions.

Every user is entitled to vote and can participate in the decision-making of the further development and can therefore co-determine the prioritization of specific features. At regular intervals a list of planned projects is made available to the users and put to a vote. The features with the highest number of votes receives higher priority.