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Ready for the era of digital gambling

The Challenge

In an ambitious project, comwrap provided Swiss Casinos the basis for the digital business of tomorrow.

Planned as a website relaunch of Swiss Casinos resulted, among other features, in the implementation of 8 third-party systems, in an interlocking of processes behind the frontends and in a future-oriented customer acquisition strategy across all touch points.

The Objective was clear: Preparing Swiss Casinos for the digital business.

The Solution

Originally got on board for the relaunch of the TYPO3 installation of, comwrap and Swiss Casinos developed further ideas on how the business processes of Swiss Casinos can also be improved structurally and qualitatively.

comwrap got deeply involved in the technical conception and helped the customer to solve problems around versions and feature management.

A groundbreaking idea was to no longer list the online gaming area as a section on the Swiss Casino website, but to outsource it to a separate domain. As a result, online gaming now has its own domain at TYPO3 was also used here to bring advantages in terms of costs, update management and marketing.

The Result

The presence of the online locations was comprehensively enhanced. Today, the individual businesses are presented more prominently on the website than before. For example, the navigation is customized for each individual casino and navigation components that are not relevant for the operation are hidden.

Furthermore, a real-time display of three different jackpots was implemented per casino, which provides a quick overview of the current winning amounts. Events are now displayed both in an overview and at the casino level: The user only sees the events that are relevant for the respective casino.

Combined with a completely new corporate blog, these new features will increase customer loyalty and commitment, visibility and marketability of the site on the world wide web.

Geïmplementeerd door TYPO3 Business partner:

comwrap GmbH

To deliver the best solution for B2B customers, we are constantly searching for new innovations. Having implemented and developed a great number of web portals for large corporate customers makes us one of the most experienced TYPO3 partners in Europe. Our high level of expertise guarantees short time-to-market, yet with outstanding quality. By hiring us, especially globally operating companies have found the right partner to offer seamless customer experience across all digital channels. We are not satisfied with less than excellence in any CMS project in order to create more visitors, more leads, more customers.

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