RMV-On: Campaign Website with TYPO3

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RMV-On: Campaign Website with TYPO3

About RMV-On

The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund is the public transport network of the Frankfurt metropolitan area in Germany. It is a transportation association operated by 15 counties, 11 independent cities and the Bundesland of Hesse. It is responsible for planning, organising and financing of the regional transport, alongside the local transportation organisations.

This way, there is a clear distinction between the RMV "ordering" public transport and transport companies carrying it out. As of 2018 there were over 160 transport companies active in the responsible area.




The requirement

For the launch of their new product RMVSmart a campaign microsite was to be generated. The site should be made with TYPO3 and allow the client to add information and services easily and in an attractive manner.

The design was provided by the clients lead agency Huth+Wenzel and was to be implemented by dkd. The project had to follow an agile approach as it was highly time critical.




The solution

The layouts supplied by the clients lead agency Huth+Wenzel were integrated into a new TYPO3 installation and an adaptation of the desktop layout to mobile views was undertaken. Additionally all layouts were optimised to meet the very short deadline.

The site was SEO-optimized right from the start of the project.


The project won the TYPO3 Award 2018 for the best Campaign TYPO3 website.


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Geïmplementeerd door TYPO3 Business partner:

dkd Internet Service GmbH

dkd - The TYPO3 experts! dkd Internet Service GmbH is a digital agency specialized in TYPO3 and is located in Frankfurt am Main. dkd plans, creates and runs complex corporate websites. With a multidisciplinary team of designers, communication specialists and developers, dkd offers everything that makes a good website a perfect website. Since its foundation in 1998, dkd has successfully supported more than 1,400 projects for over 775 clients.

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