Konica Minolta Europe

"Met het begrijpen van jouw bedrijf helpen wij jou om je uitdagingen te behalen. Dit doen we door vorm te geven aan ideeen die bijdragen aan een betere toekomst voor iedereen."

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Konica Minolta Europe

Partners on many levels

Together with Konica Minolta Europe, Bitmotion did a great range of different projects.

One recent and very important project is the migration of all 35 country websites onto Bitmotions in-house-developed and tested TYPO3 cluster. By using this cluster, the sites were brought to the highest level in terms of speed, availability and security. Thus Bitmotion can guarantee high-availability and an ideal distribution of traffic even for complex websites with a great number of visitors and huge data-traffic.

The most recent and more visible project for Konica Minolta Europe is the relaunch of their Internet presence. Bitmotion realized the technical concept and implemented the new, high quality design during this shared project. With this new layout the visitors have an even easier and more comfortable user-experience.

This was achieved by emphasizing the following two main aspects: In the frontend-programming Bitmotion built the sites using responsive design: This way the pages respond to different screen resolutions, presenting every user an optimized layout. Also different external services were implemented into TYPO3 to make product information and software downloads even more accessible.


For implementation and programming, modern web technologies like Ajax, HMTL5 and Javascript were used to ensure highest standards and best results.

Bitmotion successfully completed other projects for Konica Minolta Europe prior to these two projects, like the planning and implementing of in-house developed TYPO3 extensions and the development and implementation of different microsites.

With hosting their sites on Bitmotion's TYPO3 cluster and the relaunch of their websites, this partnership reached another level: Konica Minolta Europe gets support from one source – for all aspects of their Internet-presence.

About Konica Minolta Europe

Konica Minolta Europe is the European branch of the Japanese Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. The company’s main focuses are business solutions, medical technology, measuring instruments and optic devices. They are well known for their printer solutions for businesses of all sizes. With 35 different country websites in Europe alone, they offer a highly specialized user experience for their international clients and customers.

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