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TYPO3 CMS has some significant–and possibly unique–technological and business advantages in the CMS landscape. We need to tell people about them. In Open Source Land, that means it’s time to sprint! Whatever you do with TYPO3, we want to build promotional materials to inspire business stakeholders, show the value TYPO3 CMS delivers, and highlight you and your organisation’s expertise.

Come share your knowledge and experience of how TYPO3 delivers value at the 2017 Marketing Sprint, December 5-7 in Frankfurt, Germany!

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Largely unknown outside of Europe, the open source TYPO3 CMS has all the features needed to go head-to-head with any other system out there … and eat the proprietary competition’s lunch, too. One of its business advantages is you, the strong professional community behind it! You, your stories, and your successes are a powerful set of tools to help us position TYPO3 in the market and grow adoption around the world. The more contribution we put in here, the more lunch for us all in open source. :-)

Speaking of lunch, the event is free and TYPO3 GmbH is throwing in lunch and snacks for all attendees!

Who should come? You should come!

This sprint is not just for those who already consider themselves marketers.

Do you use TYPO3 CMS? You should come! Do you–agencies, freelancers, marketers, integrators, developers, end users–have a success story to share about a client project or technical challenge you’ve overcome with TYPO3? Does TYPO3 make your workday better? Do you have expertise in TYPO3 we should highlight to decision makers? You should come! We need you there to share it all with us and the community.

What’s in a Marketing Sprint?

We’ve got a preliminary plan in place and we’d be glad to consider requests and suggestions on what else might be valuable to tackle. The event activities will be a mix of learning and discussion, production, and breakout group activities. TYPO3 GmbH’s marketing partner, Open Strategy Partners, will facilitate the sprint, share the current strategic marketing vision for the community and its software, and introduce their methodologies to sprinters. Target projects include getting started on articles that will make up a TYPO3 CMS sales and promotional guide, completing TYPO3 CMS buyers’ journeys across all target personas, reviewing and revising TYPO3 community and CMS strategic narratives with the whole group, and recording videos with sprinters to produce supporting and complementary content. We’ll wrap up the last day with a sprint demo to celebrate our work and plan for next steps. Open Strategy Partners has also taken it upon themselves to make sure that your hard work at the sprint becomes tangible, published materials for us all to use.

All you need to be a part of the TYPO3 2017 Marketing Sprint is the desire to contribute to open source, and experience with TYPO3 that you would like to share with the world. Come along!

Sign up! See you in Frankfurt, December 5-7, 2017!

Sign up here for the TYPO3 Marketing Sprint 2017


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